What's TipGenie?

TipGenie is a mobile app.

It's also a payment. It's for sending a tip. 
It's also for sending feedback.

TipGenie is a solution for the service industry.

TipGenie enables a user to use a smartphone to send a tip. It can be used in any situation where a service is provided and a tip is customary.

  1. Say you receive good service.  Say you are happy about the service you received.
  2. Use your mobile phone.  Use TipGenie to leave a customized tip.  $5 or $5.01.
  3. You can also send a personal thank you note through your phone.  Text, dictate, or emoji.
  4. You can also send an instant message directly to management.   Same method as above.
  5. You can express appreciation or dissatisfaction, without sending a tip.
  6. It's your feedback.  It's valuable.
  7. You'll get a record of your transaction.  For your records.  For reimbursement.  Or just for remembering.

TipGenie is a win-win-win.

BUSINESS | EMPLOYEES | GUESTS all benefit from TipGenie, which takes the inconvenience out of tipping and replaces that with a seamless, cashless payment transaction.