Cashless tipping solutions for the hotel, travel, and tipped service industry

Enabling the recovery of tips in an increasingly cashless society


Providing businesses intelligence on service quality, customer experience, and employee performance



Do you have change for a $20 bill?

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Have you ever wanted to leave a tip for the hotel housekeeper, valet, bellman, shuttle driver, but didn't have the cash, right amount, or time to get change? 

You’re not alone. 50% of Americans carry cash with them only about half the time. Only 1 in 10 people choose cash as their preferred form of payment.

Named by Skift.com as one of five new travel startups to watch for offering a glimpse into the future of travel, TipGenie is modernizing service tipping by replacing cash with mobile payments.

No longer do guests need to dig into pockets, rifle through purses, run to the nearest ATM, or ask for change. Now appreciative customers can leave a tip by scanning a unique QR code with their mobile phone camera — at anytime from anywhere.

Mobile-carrying Millennials represent a rapidly growing customer base for the travel industry.

Mobile-carrying Millennials represent a rapidly growing customer base for the travel industry.


Solving multiple pain points through cashless tipping

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Increase employee earnings. With cash on the decline, the earnings of employees who have long-depended on cash -  service workers who rely on cash tips for income - are poised to become causalities of a cashless society.   Cashless tipping can increase earnings up tow 20-30% through instant and direct payout to the employee.

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Raise employee morale. . By increasing employee earnings, TipGenie raises morale and offers a way for recognizing employee's’ performance. Happier employees are more likely to stay, reducing the likelihood for costly staff turnover and saving hiring costs.  Loyal and satisfied employees deliver better service.  Good service brings in positive reviews. Positive reviews bring in new and returning customers

Improve on-the-job performance. Real-time feedback provided by guests at the time of transaction provides employee with insight about his or her on-the-job performance.

This feedback is unique: The business can customize the questions asked to guest. Feedback is sent to the employee and shared with the employer — simultaneously.


Now you can use the camera on your mobile phone to tip and send feedback. It’s fast, easy, secure, and convenient. Tip any time. From anywhere.


It’s a mobile world.


QR CODE powered payments

TipGenie gives QR codes the power of a mobile payment.

We generates unique QR codes that are linked and assigned to employees, specific locations, groups, departments, events, rooms — each QR code is like a virtual tip jar.

A customer simply hovers or points their phone camera at the QR code. A tipping screen appears. The guest confirms the tip recipient, enters the amount, and provides feedback.

Customized branding and messaging

QR codes are displayed in signage — customized to match a business’s branding and style of messaging. We offer signage design or a business can choose to manage that process. Providing signage for QR codes is a creative and educative process — the options are limitless.  We leave that decision to you.


Simple to use, easy to implement

Unlike other mobile payment apps, TipGenie does not require the downloading of an app. There’s no account to create. No emails or personal information to exchange. For business, TipGenie requires little to no integration of expensive software.

Anonymous tipping, instant payouts

DEMO: Point or hover your mobile phone camera over this QR code. Payments are live.

DEMO: Point or hover your mobile phone camera over this QR code. Payments are live.

With TipGenie, tips are anonymous - unlike Venmo, Square Cash, or PayPal, the employee receiving the tip cannot identify the sender. When a tip is sent, the employee receiving the tip is notified through SMS. TipGenie pays out tips directly and instantly.

We use Stripe, an industry leader and global payments processor to process our tip transactions. Stripe provides a well-tested system that handles billions of dollars a year.

Stripe enables mobile payment companies like TipGenie to collect and process tip payments on behalf of the business. Guest payment information is kept on Stripe’s secure and encrypted servers.

REAL-TIME customer feedback

Our approach to feedback is unique. Making real-time feedback direct and transparent to employees helps improve their performance. TipGenie enables the feedback received at the time of tipping to be shared simultaneously with the employee and manager.

By bringing transparency to the process we provide a more delightful and seamless experience for appreciating and recognizing the individual employee and their service.


A new way of looking at tipping


In today's data-driven world, businesses need multiple sources of data. Tips offer a real-time opportunity to collect data, in real-time and on-site.  A tip, big or small, when coupled with guest feedback provides valuable insights for the business. TipGenie optimizes tip transactions to generate new analytics about employee performance, customer experience, satisfaction, and service quality.

Business intelligence to improve decision-making

TipGenie can translate insights from service feedback and payment transactions into transactional, operational, performance, and predictive analytics

TipGenie can translate insights from service feedback and payment transactions into transactional, operational, performance, and predictive analytics

TipGenie is working with businesses of every size, stage, and sector to build customized systems for managing the collection and disbursement of tips.  We enable businesses to customize how they collect real-time guest feedback and link tip transactions to employee performance. TipGenie brings together data generated by payment transactions into a single platform that requires little to no integration. 

Say goodbye to comment cards

Why should a business have to wait for that online review to learn about a situation that could have been remedied during their stay? Often, guests are asked to provide feedback on a service that is disconnected from the experience. With surveys, guest are asked to recall details or emotions that are forgotten after the experience.

Millennials rely on online reviews to make decisions. 80% will pass over a business that has a negative review. Businesses can reduce the likelihood of a negative review through real-time, on-site feedback and also by valuing their employees

Millennials rely on online reviews to make decisions. 80% will pass over a business that has a negative review. Businesses can reduce the likelihood of a negative review through real-time, on-site feedback and also by valuing their employees

When it comes to understanding capturing the dynamics of guest-employee interactions, TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Expedia offer limited ways of capturing those insights. TipGenie’s value is unique in three ways.

  • Real-time reviews. Guest feedback can be linked to time of service. What better time than to ask a guest, “What did you appreciate about our employee?”

  • Personalized feedback Feedback can be linked to an individual employee, team, or location. Real-time feedback is kept within the business which enables an immediate response and sets up a conversation about what matters: performance.

  • Targeted insights. A unique feature of TipGenie’s platform is the ability for businesses to customize their settings to ask customers targeted questions — about new services, amenities — anything that can inform decision-making.


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Bringing humanity to technology

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TipGenie is based in Mountain View, California and founded by Elle Rustique, PhD, an educator turned social entrepreneur whose mother’s experience as a housekeeper influenced TipGenie’s mission

We’re an early stage fintech company with a social mission: To bring cashless tipping to the service industry and professionally and financially empower tipped service workers in the process.

We aspire to build emotionally-intelligent products that will educate consumers, empower employees, and enable businesses to make better, data driven decisions.

We believe in bringing humanity with technology. We believe that technology has the power to improve lives — for everyone. Solutions for financial inclusion exist — it’s the accessibility of technology that keeps those who would most benefit from solutions from using it.

That’s why our current focus is improving financial health and using technology to enable financial inclusion.

Our strategy is to optimize existing mobile and financial technology to design more meaningful forms of cashless payments for the tipped service industry.  Cashless tipping is our vehicle for social change.

We’re excited to creating a service-centered ecosystem in which payment transactions, actionable insights, and appreciation powers a self-sustaining cycle of financial value and economic benefits for all stakeholders. 

Our Five Cornerstones

  1. Values-driven. We have a clear set of values that guide our mission: Education. Engagement. Empowerment.  We call these values our cornerstones because they anchor our product development, marketing, and sales strategy.

  2. Learning-centered.  Our values are embedded in our product design. We ask ourselves: How will this feature or decision educate consumers, empower employees, and enable businesses to make emotionally intelligent, data-driven decisions?

  3. Data-driven vision. Tipping provides an opportunity to gather data on employee performance, service quality, customer experience. We’re developing qualitative and quantitative metrics around the customer-guest interaction. We’re measuring the impact of our products on employee’s financial health.

  4. Transparency. We’re committed to making transparent the nsights gained through tipping accessible and actionable to all stakeholders in the service ecosystem. That’s why feedback sent to an employee is shared — simultaneously — with the employer.

  5. Interdisciplinary. Our work is grounded in social science research, human-centered design thinking, and service industry expertise. We believe in taking a design thinking approach and applying principles like empathy, human-centered implementation, protyping -- to develop solutions for the most complex problems.  

Awards & Recognition

2018 Winner. The Expat Woman. Female Founders Pitch Female Funders. San Francisco, Google Launchpad

2018 Finalist. Pipeline Angels. San Francisco Summit, Google Launchpad.

2016 Skift.com Named of One of Five New Travel Startups for Building Better End to End Trips by Skift.com

Travelers have been writing about their experiences ... on public forums like TripAdvisor and OpenTable for years. This more private arena for personalized feedback might take that a step further into segmenting specific aspects [of the experience] so that a server receives constructive criticism and praise for what was right and what needs improvement. ~ Skift.com


2017 Unbank Ventures Early Stage Fintech Incubator

Honorable Mention (4th place) at Unbank Conference's startup pitch competition during 2017 SF Fintech Week. Selected as One of Ten Fintech Startups for 8-Week Unbank Ventures Early Stage Fintech Startup Incubator


2017 WomensNet National Competition November 2017. Finalist for "Amber Grant for Female-Founded Businesses"


2016 "10 Most Creative Travel Start-Ups Of 2016 With Stunning Designs"

TipGenie is an ingenious, cashless tipping platform, which allows a more transparent, efficient, and convenient system of mobile payments. TipGenie takes its inventiveness up a notch by allowing patrons to submit real-time feedback pertaining to their hotel experience. The app targets smart-phone riveted millennials, offering patrons the ease of scanning a QR code on an employee’s badge to tip them with a few easy taps!

TipGenie tremendously helps the travel industry by offering a secure and infallible way of assimilating guest feedback and tips, highlighting areas that could use optimization along the way! In addition, adopting a mobile feedback and tipping app guarantees clearer lines of communication and a greater transparency between the hotel staff, management, and the patrons." ~ Evan Brown, Designmantic.com.