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Have you ever wanted to leave a tip...but didn't have the cash?


Introducing Gratus.io

A smarter cashless way to tip in a cashless society.

Gratus.io has arrived.

Gratus is the first B2B2C mobile payments platform that integrates cashless digital tipping, real-time feedback, and big data analytics. Now consumers can use their mobile phones to send a tip directly to an employee while also providing businesses with actionable insights

Point, scan, done. 

If a consumer want so send a tip, all that's needed is a smartphone.  No download is required.  No barcode reader needed either.  No personal information exchanged.  We're modernizing tipping by taking the friction and awkwardness out of this outdated, cash-based transaction and making it easy for customers to express appreciation for good service.  

More than a tipping app.

Gratus.io is also a purpose-built, integrated payments solution for businesses that employ tipped service workers.  We provide meaningful data that educates customers, empowers employees, and encourages emotionally intelligent data-driven decision-making. And we make that process simple, seamless, convenient, too.