Look who just checked in.


Have you ever wanted to leave a tip...but didn't have the cash?


No worries. We got this.

Gratus.io is bringing cashless, digital tipping, real-time feedback, and emotionally intelligent data analytics to hotels and the service industry.

Gratus is a purpose-built, integrated payments solution for businesses that employ tipped service workers.  We're modernizing tipping. We're taking the friction and awkwardness out of this outdated, cash-based transaction and making it easy for customers to express appreciation for good service.  

Now your customers can thank, tip, and leave feedback about your employees, their experience, and the service they received.  And your employees?  They're happier because Gratus.io recovered a lost opportunity for a tip.  And because Gratus.io is processing and optimizing that interaction, any business using Gratus.io is poised to receive a lot of data insights -- transactional, operational, performance, and predictive analytics.  

We call that a win-win-win for everyone in the service tipping ecosystem. It's good business and we're helping low-wage workers.  That's socially good.

How does Gratus.io work?  All you need is your mobile phone.  Point, scan, done. No download required.  Simple. Seamless. Convenient. Cashless.

We'll take care of the rest.