Named by as one of five new travel startups to watch for offering a glimpse into the future of travel, TipGenie is modernizing service tipping by replacing cash with mobile payments. With TipGenie, a business with tipped employees can enable guests without cash to use their mobile phones to express their appreciation in a fast, easy, secure, and convenient way. No longer does a guest need to dig into pockets rifle through a purse, or ask for change.

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Have you ever wanted to leave a tip for the hotel housekeeper, valet, bellman, or shuttle driver, but didn't have the cash? 

50% of Americans carry cash with them only about half the time. Only 1 in 10 people choose cash as their preferred form of payment. 

While not having cash to tip is an inconvenience for the hotel guest and traveler, it is an even bigger problem for employers and their employees who are seeing their tips decline in an increasingly cashless society.

TipGenie solves this problem by enabling cashless tipping through a mobile device. Now a guest need not have exact change or cash on them, they simply use their mobile phone, pointing at a QR code. TipGenie combines the convenience of Venmo, the power of PayPal with service reviews of Yelp to create an ecosystem for guests, employees, and businesses to interact β€” through the power of appreciation.