"TipGenie is an ingenious, cashless tipping platform, which allows a more transparent, efficient, and convenient system of mobile payments. TipGenie takes its inventiveness up a notch by allowing patrons to submit real-time feedback pertaining to their hotel experience. The app targets smart-phone riveted millennials, offering patrons the ease of scanning a QR code on an employee’s badge to tip them with a few easy taps! TipGenie tremendously helps the travel industry by offering a secure and infallible way of assimilating guest feedback and tips, highlighting areas that could use optimization along the way! In addition, adopting a mobile feedback and tipping app guarantees clearer lines of communication and a greater transparency between the hotel staff, management, and the patrons." ~ Evan Brown, Read the review here.

>TipGenie is a mobile app that enables cashless, customized tipping and personalized feedback within a three-way integrated payment system.  SkiftTake: Travelers have been writing about their experiences with wait staff on public forums like TripAdvisor and OpenTable for years. This more private arena for personalized feedback might take that a step further into segmenting specific aspects of the dining experience so that a server receives constructive criticism and praise for what was right and what needs improvement.