Awards & Recognition

2018 Winner. The Expat Woman. Female Founders Pitch Female Funders. San Francisco, Google Launchpad

2018 Finalist. Pipeline Angels. San Francisco Summit, Google Launchpad.

2016 Named of One of Five New Travel Startups for Building Better End to End Trips by

Travelers have been writing about their experiences ... on public forums like TripAdvisor and OpenTable for years. This more private arena for personalized feedback might take that a step further into segmenting specific aspects [of the experience] so that a server receives constructive criticism and praise for what was right and what needs improvement. ~


2017 Unbank Ventures Early Stage Fintech Incubator

Honorable Mention (4th place) at Unbank Conference's startup pitch competition during 2017 SF Fintech Week. Selected as One of Ten Fintech Startups for 8-Week Unbank Ventures Early Stage Fintech Startup Incubator


2017 WomensNet National Competition November 2017. Finalist for "Amber Grant for Female-Founded Businesses"


2016 "10 Most Creative Travel Start-Ups Of 2016 With Stunning Designs"

TipGenie is an ingenious, cashless tipping platform, which allows a more transparent, efficient, and convenient system of mobile payments. TipGenie takes its inventiveness up a notch by allowing patrons to submit real-time feedback pertaining to their hotel experience. The app targets smart-phone riveted millennials, offering patrons the ease of scanning a QR code on an employee’s badge to tip them with a few easy taps!

TipGenie tremendously helps the travel industry by offering a secure and infallible way of assimilating guest feedback and tips, highlighting areas that could use optimization along the way! In addition, adopting a mobile feedback and tipping app guarantees clearer lines of communication and a greater transparency between the hotel staff, management, and the patrons." ~ Evan Brown,