Employees Matter

Increase employee earnings. With cash on the decline, the earnings of employees who have long-depended on cash -  service workers who rely on cash tips for income - are poised to become causalities of a cashless society.  Cashless tipping can increase earnings up tow 20-30% through instant and direct payout to the employee. Enabling the recovery of lost tips through mobile payment directly and positively impacts the financial health of employee. Recognized by the New York Times, TipGenie enables employers and their employees to recover the lost opportunity for earnings.

Raise employee morale. Decreased income for employees can quickly spiral into a cascade that can impact negatively on the employer —increased turnover and a decline in the quality of service. By increasing employee earnings, TipGenie raises morale and offers a way for recognizing employee's’ performance. Happier employees are more likely to stay, reducing the likelihood for costly staff turnover and saving hiring costs.  Loyal and satisfied employees deliver better service.  Good service brings in positive reviews. Positive reviews bring in new and returning customers

Improve on-the-job performance. Real-time feedback provided by guests at the time of transaction provides employee with insight about his or her on-the-job performance. This feedback is unique: The business can customize the questions asked to guest. Feedback is sent to the employee and shared with the employer — simultaneously.

Provide actionable insights. In today's data-driven world, businesses need multiple sources of data. TipGenie brings together data generated by payment transactions into a single platform a single platform that requires little to no integration. We enable tailor-made methods for business intelligence while raising employee morale, boosting workplace motivation, and improving service quality.