TipGenie's Mission

Who we are, what we're doing, and why it matters.

Elle Rustique, PhD | CEO & Founder, TipGenie, Inc.

launch in hand


We believe in the power of appreciation and technology. While technology brings tremendous market opportunities and promising returns for investors, technology also has the power to make lives better and promising -- for everyone.  Achieving a perfect balance between profit and impact is challenging for any company.  We believe that a company can have a vision guided by social good.  With a compass aimed at true north, we believe in moving toward it, one tip at a time.


We recognize the impact that a cashless society is having on the service industry, especially for employees whose income relies on cash-based tips. That's why we want to change how customers, employees and businesses interact through the power of a small transaction, like a gratuity.  Using existing technology, we've created a single platform where these three stakeholders can interact within a micro-financial ecosystem.  


Less is more. When you're a startup seedling, you learn quickly how to make use of what you have and what you know. We call it optimization -- combining, integrating, repurposing -- anything to build on the talent of innovators in the payments field. That's what we've done with TipGenie. Through our mobile app, myTipGenie, we optimize existing mobile and payments technology to remove the friction from financial transactions and create more efficient and transparent systems of cashless payments. 


We not only provide the vehicle for a guest to thank, tip, and send feedback to a service worker, we enable businesses to receive data in real-time. By recognizing the social and emotional importance of a transaction like tipping, we add value to an otherwise small transaction.  This brings us back to our vision:  We hope, through technology, to educate consumers, empower employees and enable businesses to make emotionally intelligent data-driven decisions about financial matters.