Stripe is a US company allowing businesses to accept payments over the Internet . It operates in 25 countries and powers 100,000+ businesses. Stripe ranks #2 after Paypal on the number of websites using it as their payment processor. Stripe is used by Lyft to collect and send tips to drives.  A growing number of companies are in the on-demand economy:  Task Rabbit, Instacart, DoorDash, Postmates.

 With Stripe, we’re able tailor our integration in various ways, including:

·      Specifying how money moves from the customer (guest) to us (Gratus) and ultimately to your platform’s recipients (hotels)

·      Collecting fees for the service we provide for hotels (up to 3%)

·      Assigning payout schedules and payout methods (how hotels or individual employees receive and disburse tips). 


What can you tell me about encryption and compliance?

Security is one of the biggest considerations in payments.  Gratus has chosen Stripe for its highest level of security.   Stripe allows Gratus to collect and process payments on behalf of you, the hotel.Guest payment information is kept on Stripe’s server and not on a Gratus.io server.  The guest is required to enter very little information and that is kept on an encrypted server. Because all sensitive information is handled by Stripe.js, it features simple PCI compliance with SAQ A reporting. Stripe.js also provides a single interface for Apple PayGoogle Pay, and the Payment Request API; integrating once against Stripe.js is the same as integrating against each individually.

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Real-time guest feedback

Too little, too late.  We're done with comment cards and paper surveys.  Gratus provides real-time feedback for employees, hotel management and ownership to improve guest experience and service quality. 

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We extract from real-time guest feedback,  actionable insights and emotionally intelligent metrics that get to the heart of your guests' experience and preferences. Being data driven puts you ahead of your competition.