Who We Are

We're a female-founded social impact startup.

Our work is grounded in social science research, human-centered design thinking, and service industry expertise.  We're an interdisciplinary team led by a social scientist and educator, who, along with socially-minded engineers and service industry professionals are steadfast in our determination to fix a broken system of cash-based tipping.  

We're also a fintech company.

We're disrupting the service industry, through an unlikely strategy: Mobile payments. We're focused on using technology to solve challenges related to financial inclusion, empowerment, and inequity. We believe that these challenges aren't always about the availability of resources. They're often about the distribution, accessibility, and application of existing technology.

We're a growing company based in Silicon Valley.

If you're interested in advising and investing in our company and product, we'd love to talk with you.
If you're in the service industry -- a business, association, worker, or consultant -- we'd love to talk with you.
If you'd like to join our team, we'd love to talk with you.