Bringing humanity to technology

TipGenie is a female-founded, Silicon Valley-based company with a social mission: To bring cashless tipping to the service industry and professionally and financially empower tipped service workers through digital payments and mobile banking.

We aspire to build emotionally-intelligent products that will educate consumers, empower employees, and enable businesses to make better, data driven decisions.

We believe in bringing humanity with technology. We believe that technology has the power to improve lives — for everyone. Solutions for financial inclusion exist — it’s the accessibility of technology that keeps those who would most benefit from solutions from using it.

That’s why our current focus is improving financial health and using technology to enable financial inclusion.

Our strategy is to optimize existing mobile and financial technology to design more meaningful forms of cashless payments for the tipped service industry.  Cashless tipping is our vehicle for social change.

We’re excited to creating a service-centered ecosystem in which payment transactions, actionable insights, and appreciation powers a self-sustaining cycle of financial value and economic benefits for all stakeholders. 

Our Five Cornerstones

  1. Values-driven. We have a clear set of values that guide our mission: Education. Engagement. Empowerment.  We call these values our cornerstones because they anchor our product development, marketing, and sales strategy.

  2. Learning-centered.  Our values are embedded in our product design. We ask ourselves: How will this feature or decision educate consumers, empower employees, and enable businesses to make emotionally intelligent, data-driven decisions?

  3. Data-driven vision. Tipping provides an opportunity to gather data on employee performance, service quality, customer experience. We’re developing qualitative and quantitative metrics around the customer-guest interaction. We’re measuring the impact of our products on employee’s financial health.

  4. Transparency. We’re committed to making transparent the nsights gained through tipping accessible and actionable to all stakeholders in the service ecosystem. That’s why feedback sent to an employee is shared — simultaneously — with the employer.

  5. Interdisciplinary. Our work is grounded in social science research, human-centered design thinking, and service industry expertise. We believe in taking a design thinking approach and applying principles like empathy, human-centered implementation, protyping -- to develop solutions for the most complex problems.