How Gratus Works

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Gratus maintains the tradition of tipping.  We simply innovate the process.  We modernize the tip payment transaction by replacing cash with mobile payments. No longer does a guest need to dig around his pockets, rifle through her purse, or look around for someone who might have change for a $20.

QR codes. Our platform is powered by an innovative payments process that utilizes QR codes. Every QR code is uniquely assigned to individual employees or departments.

Three taps. No app. With Gratus, no app or QR code reader is required. Just point camera phone at QR code and follow the prompts

We're unique

Flexible, not forced  

Current POS systems or delivery-services "force" tipping. Customers have to enter a tip before receiving their purchase or service.  Tipping is a reward or expression of appreciation, of gratitude (or we call it, Gratus). We enable customers to leave a gratuity with personalized feedback, as the wish, at their convenience. On or off location.

Discreet, not public  

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Unlike other P2P systems like Venmo, we  do not require both parties to exchange and share information.  Our financial technology enables payment transactions to be made anonymously, in the security of a closed transactional loop.  A guest can't tip a doorman or valet if they are not employees of an authenticated business.

Instant insights, no ratings or overdue reviews

Our platform is being designed to extract analytics that will improve service quality and employee performance.