Service tipping with no cash required.

TipGenie is a patent-pending software platform that integrates digital, cashless tipping; real-time feedback; and analytics.

Named by Skift.com as one of five new travel startups to watch for offering a glimpse into the future of travel, TipGenie is modernizing service tipping by replacing cash with mobile payments.

With TipGenie, a business with tipped employees can enable guests without cash to use their mobile phones to express their appreciation in a fast, easy, secure, and convenient way. No longer does a guest need to dig into pockets rifle through a purse, or ask for change.

We license our software to businesses in the tipped service industry, allowing their supplement or replace traditional cash-based tipping, enabling their employees to recover the lost opportunity to earnings.


Seamless, secure payments

TipGenie gives QR codes the power of a mobile payment. We generate unique QR codes that are linked and assigned to employees, specific locations, groups, departments, events, rooms — each QR code is like a virtual tip jar.

A customer simply hovers or points their phone camera at the QR code. A tipping screen appears. The guest confirms the tip recipient, enters the amount, and provides feedback.

We use Stripe, an industry leader and global payments processor to process our tip transactions. All payment information is kept on Stripe’s secure and encrypted servers.


Customized branding and messaging

QR codes are displayed in signage — customized to match a business’s branding and style of messaging.


Easy to implement

Unlike other mobile payment apps, TipGenie does not require the downloading of an app. There’s no account to create. No emails or personal information to exchange. For business, TipGenie requires little to no integration of expensive software. Customers do not have to download a third-party app, register for an account, or exchange emails or personal information.

Real-time customer feedback

Our approach to feedback is unique. Making real-time feedback direct and transparent to employees helps improve their performance. TipGenie enables feedback received at the time of tipping to be shared simultaneously with the employee and manager.

Say goodbye to comment cards

Why should a business have to wait for that online review to learn about a situation that could have been remedied during their stay? Often, guests are asked to provide feedback on a service that is disconnected from the experience. With surveys, guest are asked to recall details or emotions that are forgotten after the experience.

When it comes to understanding capturing the dynamics of guest-employee interactions, TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Expedia offer limited ways of capturing those insights. By bringing transparency to the process we provide a more delightful and seamless experience for appreciating and recognizing the individual employee and their service.