How Does TipGenie Work?

Like this.  After downloading the app, the guest scans the QR code, confirms the employee/business, enters the tip amount, adds a rating and sends an emoji or note, if they so choose.

Tip. Tap. Done. The average time it takes for someone to leave a tip is 5 seconds. 

That's it. It's simple.  No cash. No paper. No pens. No comment cards or envelopes.

Among the pain points we're trying to solve is how to manage the cost of payment transactions and processing fees.  Since myTipGenie allows the use of credit cards and other forms of payment, there is a charge -- 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction. There appears to be no way around that fee and for now, the service employee tip is reduced by that fee. In the future we hope that we can find a way to lessen that hit.