We are recruiting a technical team

  • Full-stack developer w/mobile and web app experience
  • Back-end developer w/ fintech and payments experience.

Habits of Mind

1 | Think outside the box.  We’re an interdisciplinary team of determined thinkers who believe that technology is optimized when it’s accessible and enables our everyday lives to be less complicated. Doing that requires stepping outside our comfort zone and applying concepts outside technology and business.

2 | Display emotional intelligence.  Truly transformative solutions require an understanding of the user experience. Designing these solutions starts with a diagnosis of the problem.  Understanding a problem requires emotional intelligence and empathy for the human experience.

3 | Be transparent.  We believe that the future of financial technology is mobile and that daily transactions, like service tipping, should be transparent. Lack of  transparency – transactions that take place in a black box or hidden fees — creates distrust of the financial system.

4 | Make meaning. We believe in making payments simple, seamless, and meaningful.   A transaction is meaningful when it provides value beyond the exchange. We believe that financial capital is more valuable with social currency, that as we shift toward a cashless society, we want to find ways to make transactions both valuable and socially meaningful.

5 | People first.  We believe in people before labels. We don’t require a flashy, designer tech company labels. We don’t tout our Ivy League degrees or PhDs. We value people with unique experiences, who are willing to learn and grow.