Q:  What is "cashless" tipping?

A cashless tip is basically a mobile payment.  It's for those situations when a customer would like to leave a tip but doesn't have the cash or the exact change.

Q:  Why is cashless important?

Because these days, fewer and fewer people are carrying cash.  The most appreciative customer with no cash has little choice but to walk away. That doesn't feel good.  For anyone.

Q:  Why not use cash?

Taking the cash out of the tip takes the inconvenience out of tipping. Mobile offers versatility -- the tip can go either to the individual or into a pool that can be distributed according to the business.

Q: What's different about cashless tipping?

Nothing different about that except that tips can better managed, more accurately distributed, and yes, tracked. It's transparent. But that's the point.  

Q: Who benefits from cashless tipping?

The cashless tip is the tip that wouldn't have been provided if there wasn't a mobile option.  TipGenie makes up for that lost opportunity for earnings.