Our Company

Our Mission

We're an early stage, female-founded fintech and social impact startup based in Silicon Valley.  We're striving to disrupt the service industry by bringing mobile payments to an  antiquated system of service tipping.  Success as a company means generating revenue and also making a positive social impact.  We believe we can do both. 

Access to technology is empowering, we've experienced it ourselves. Empowered people are motivated to make change, to make the world a better place. That's why we're developing tools with the intention to educate consumers, empower employees, and enable business to make emotionally intelligent, data driven decisions.

Our Approach

Many of the problems around financial inclusion, empowerment, and inequity aren't always about the availability of resources. It's often about the distribution, accessibility, and application of existing technology.  That's why we believe in taking a design thinking approach and applying principles like empathy, human-centered implementation, protyping -- to develop solutions for the most complex problems.  Our strategy is to optimize existing mobile and financial technology to design more meaningful forms of cashless payments for the tipped service industry.