Q: What is TipGenie?

TipGenie is a proprietary software platform designed for the tipped service industry. It is a system that integrates digital, cashless tipping, real-time feedback, and analytics into one, single platform.

Q: What does TipGenie do?

TipGenie provides service providers in the hotel, travel, and tipped service industry with a simple and seamless solution for enabling the recovery of cash tips in an increasingly cashless society.

Q: What is a cashless tip?

A cashless tip is a digital, mobile payment that a user can send through a mobile device.  It's for those situations when a guest would like to leave a tip but doesn't have the cash or the exact change. The most appreciative customer with no cash has little choice but to walk away feeing guilty and awkward. Using your mobile phone to tip solves that problem.

Q:  How does TipGenie work?


The guest sending the tip needs a mobile phone with a camera. No mobile app is needed. The employee receiving a tip does not need an app or a mobile device on hand, just a Stripe account to be paid their tips. The business implementing a cashless tipping program needs a way of making the QR codes visible and visual. TipGenie’s system is flexible. QR codes can be displayed that matches the service provider’s branding.

Q: What is a QR code?

A QR code consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device such as a mobile phone camera or scanner. The information embedded in the QR code cannot be easily read with the naked eye. QR codes are nearly impossible to manipulate once published or generated!

A QR Code offers a way to make tipping fast, easy, and secure through Stripe which processes the payments. TipGenie enables guests with no cash to leave a tip by scanning a QR code using their iPhone camera, while Android users will use a QR scanner app.  A guest 1) points the camera at QR code; 2) follows the prompts; and 3) leaves a tip with feedback. All of that — enabled by a single QR code! 

Q: How does TipGenie use QR codes?

TipGenie has built into our platform the ability to generate QR codes and link them to a user account. Each code that is generated is unique. Scanning a TipGenie-generated QR code directs the guest a tipping screen where the guest can enter a tip. No typing or trying to write down a URL address, name, phone, or email.  QR codes are assigned to an individual person, employee, team, group, department, location. Think of it as a virtual tip jar. The information embedded in the QR code cannot be easil Our QR codes are special!  

Q: What’s unique about TipGenie’s system of cashless tipping?

  1. Anonymous payments. Unlike many peer-to-peer mobile payment systems, with TipGenie, the guest does not need to download an app or exchange personal details to send a tip. Our transactions are anonymous.

  2. Fast. All a customer needs is a mobile phone with a camera. The guest points their phone camera over the QR code and a payment screen is activated. The customer enters the tip amount and personalized feedback.

  3. Easy. Employee does not need a mobile device to be tipped. All that’s needed is a TipGenie QR code, uniquely assigned to the individual employee.

  4. Transparency. Tipped employees are notified in real-time when a tip is sent. Feedback is shared simultaneously with employee and employer. Employees can view their tip history and manage tips through Stripe.

  5. Security. We are proud to use Stripe, an industry leader to process payments. TipGenie does not store any personal or financial information on our servers.

Q: What’s TipGenie’s mission?

TipGenie’s mission is to educate consumers, empower employees, and encourage businesses to make better, data driven decisions. We believe in building emotionally-intelligent products that combine humanity and technology that will improve the daily lives of low-wage workers. Our current focus is on improving their financial health and using technology to increase financial inclusion. By optimizing existing mobile and financial technology, we’re creating a service-centered ecosystem in which tip transactions, actionable insights, and appreciation powers a self-sustaining cycle of financial value and economic benefits for all stakeholders.