We've designed the first mobile payments and business intelligence platform that provides cashless tipping, real-time feedback, and actionable insights for the hotel, travel and hospitality industry.  



TipGenie is bringing cashless tipping to a cashless society. Will you join us?

Have you ever wanted to leave a tip but didn't have cash? Now business travelers and hotel guests can use their smartphones to express appreciation by leaving feedback, a cashless gratuity, or both.  If you travel frequently and stay in hotels, tell us where you'd like to see TipGenie.  If you're a tipped service employee, tell us how cashless tipping can help you. We'd love to bring TipGenie to you, your business or workplace. 

About Us



TipGenie is a female founded, mobile payments and social impact company in the hotel, travel, and hospitality space. We're an early stage startup optimizing existing mobile payments technology to design more efficient and transparent systems of cashless payments for the service industry. Our mission is to develop emotionally intelligent tools that will educate and empower customers,  employees, and businesses to make better decisions. Our team is based in Mountain View, California and Chicago, Illinois.




Say hello to myTipGenie ~ a new and simple way for hotel guests to send gratuities and guest feedback using their mobile phone.   

Whether you're a business owner, traveler or service employee, mobile technology is transforming how we think about payments and interact financially.  TipGenie is bringing greater transparency, simplicity, and better access to mobile payments.  

Amidst the increasingly complex financial landscape of bitcoin and blockchain, the expression of appreciation remains the most powerful transaction of the service industry.  We're not changing that.  We're transforming how hotels and their employees engage with their customers around the quality and delivery of service.  We're interested in using technology to power appreciation.

That's why we've seamlessly integrated cashless tipping, real-time customer feedback, and data analytics . . .into a single platform.

TipGenie illuminates customer behavior around satisfaction, appreciation, and gratuities.  These actionable insights and analytics enable hotels and other service-oriented businesses to make better decisions for optimizing resources and operations.  

Emotionally intelligent technology for the service industry.



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TipGenie is unique from other tipping apps. We do not require both parties to exchange and share information.  Our financial technology enables payment transactions to be made anonymously, in the security of a closed financial loop.  A QR code is uniquely assigned to individual employees or departments.  After scanning the QR code and verifying the recipient, a guest can choose to leave feedback and gratuities. As they wish, at their convenience.



Replacing a lost opportunity for a cash tip with a digital, mobile payment delivers better value for all stakeholders. Increased tips improves hotel employees' earnings and boosts their morale. Happier employees are more likely to stay, reducing staff turnover and hiring costs.  Loyal and satisfied employees deliver better service.  Good service brings in positive reviews.  Glowing reviews bring in new and returning customers. 




Heartfelt thanks to this small but mighty team for deftly working on the ground and under the radar to bring our little product with a big heart to market during a year of turbulence and emotional dissonance.  We're grateful to our awesome team of advisors and our network of friends, families, and fans for staying with us ~ through the twists and turns of 2016 and cheering us through the milestones we achieved in 2017. 

For the past two years, we've worked steadfastly as a bootstrapped company to understand the breadth and depth of our problem, develop prototypes,  and have heart to heart conversations with our users and customers.  

Our conclusion is not unsurprising:  Employees are the heart of the service industry,  but under appreciated and underpaid. Their minimum wage is not a living wage.  We've developed TipGenie with the belief that financially and professionally empowering tipped service employees is an investment that will benefit our society and yield an abundance of results for women and their families.

In 2018,  we'll be raising a seed round.  We'll continue to develop our product with empathy and emotional intelligence.  We'll be bringing the power of appreciation to more hotels and businesses across the country.  

We'll be kicking off the year with a crowdfunding campaign aimed at generating awareness about the importance of service tipping for women. TipGenie isn't only a product. It's a movement to show our appreciation for the service industry and provide opportunities to earn cashless tips in a cashless society, 



Recognition & Awards


Named of One of Five New Travel Startups for Building Better End to End Trips by

Travelers have been writing about their experiences ... on public forums like TripAdvisor and OpenTable for years. This more private arena for personalized feedback might take that a step further into segmenting specific aspects [of the experience] so that a server receives constructive criticism and praise for what was right and what needs improvement. ~


Unbank Ventures Early Stage Fintech Incubator

  • Honorable Mention (4th place) at Unbank Conference's startup pitch competition during 2017 SF Fintech Week
  • Selected as One of Ten Fintech Startups for 8-Week Unbank Ventures Early Stage Fintech Startup Incubator

WomensNet National Competition

  • November 2017 Finalist for Amber Grant for Female-Founded Businesses 

10 Most Creative Travel Start-Ups Of 2016 With Stunning Designs

TipGenie is an ingenious, cashless tipping platform, which allows a more transparent, efficient, and convenient system of mobile payments. TipGenie takes its inventiveness up a notch by allowing patrons to submit real-time feedback pertaining to their hotel experience. The app targets smart-phone riveted millennials, offering patrons the ease of scanning a QR code on an employee’s badge to tip them with a few easy taps!

TipGenie tremendously helps the travel industry by offering a secure and infallible way of assimilating guest feedback and tips, highlighting areas that could use optimization along the way! In addition, adopting a mobile feedback and tipping app guarantees clearer lines of communication and a greater transparency between the hotel staff, management, and the patrons." ~ Evan Brown,